Issue 2 iMake Magazine


I am proud to announce the release of the second issue of iMake Magazine. Thanks to everyone who contributed, but in particular Charles, Lou, Sarah, Libby, Shanna and Liz.

Issue 2 is packed with crafty goodness. There’s Charles’s cookery slot (which as a festive feel this time) and his foodie shopping suggestions.  You’ll also find articles on portable projects, perfect skeins and photo editing for the (un)professional photographer, as well as other creative treats. The magazine has 21 pages of creative inspiration for you to enjoy.

The magazine is available for purchase in iMake’s Craftsy shop: iMake on Craftsy. It’s also on sale in the iMake Etsy store: iMake on Etsy.

iMake Magazine is a PDF document and will be delivered to you via Craftsy/Etsy’s digital download system upon payment. You’ll need Adobe Reader to open the document. The magazine looks great when viewed on iPad (or other tablets) but can also be printed out or viewed on computer.

The issue contains lots of links to external websites. If you have any problem finding these links you will find a full list of them on here: Issue 2 Bonus Material. It’s a password protected post; you’ll find the password on page 2 of the magazine.

If you have any problems purchasing your copy, please contact me on

I hope you enjoy the issue.

8 thoughts on “Issue 2 iMake Magazine

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  4. Hi Martine, a bit late to the party but I’ve just got hold of issue 1, well done on a great looking magazine! I shall read it on my way to work tomorrow. Looks brilliant on my Galaxy Note tablet too!

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